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November 09, 2010


Kevin Madison

I enjoy your designs Jol. They have always been one foot in the vintage and one foot in something new.It is sad that Hamer has gone so downhill as to lose you, but I think your name means even more now that others are adrift in the past. Stay true to yourself. Kudos.


That's so over the top. True artist at work! The crow drawing looks amazing. Who ever gets that axe will be famously happy.

Edward Bock

Speaking of the past..............I still get a little nostalgic for Northern Prairie Music, playing some of the best guitars ever made. Glad you're still moving forward, still playing my Hamers of course.

Chris gatti

I am confused. Who are you designing guitars for now? I have a stable of Hamers, and always think of you as my personal guitar tech/designer. I think Hamer lost it's mojo in recent years, but The Monocco and the Talledega are very appealling to me. I would buy one or the other. . . or both, but if you are designing guitars elsewhere, I would like to know.

Jol Dantzig

Chris, I am building guitars in my own shop, one at a time. Each instrument is different and is built to a theme, continuing as a natural extension of my design esthetic. Guitars are available for purchase before or during the build process. I imagine that there will be about three or four instruments per year, and the price will reflect the complexity of the theme.


I love to see this blog rolling on. Whether I will be able to afford one of the few themes or not, it is very much interesting to follow up. There are not that much websites like this which are in a positive way lyric.

Kevin Madison

By the way, Jol. Take a Giant Step was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. I do like the Taj version the best though.

Jol Dantzig

Kevin, yes you are correct. Goffin/King. How it escaped me all these years I don't know. Thanks for the correction, can't always be on top of everything I guess. There's also a Monkees version... a good day is when you learn something.



I remember that Monkee's tune!!! I guess I won't be getting a new guitar then. . . .

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