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November 26, 2010



True art from a true artist!!! And I never thought about the constaining factors in coming up with a peghead shape.


That Deetz and Dethlefsen study is an archaeological classic, and we still teach it in introductory archaeology courses. Great (and surprising) to see it mentioned here. There's some cool things to think about regarding style, tradition and change in that sort of research, and I can't help thinking about the whole balancing of innovation and tradition in guitar design... Anyway, cool headstock design Jol.

adam wieloch

Joel: I am so happy to have a few of your Hamer USA guitars. A 98 RnK VKC a 98 Phantom and a 07 Vector Korina. Once the general guitar playing popualtion wakes up these will be much more saught after. Your guitars inspired me to start playing. The Phantom inspired me the first time I held it in my hands.

Jol Dantzig

@ Jason: Thanks for the kind words, it's definitely harder than most people think.

@Tim: I wasn't even thinking about how the text related to my own work, but you are so correct. Where do you teach it?

@Adam: I loved the Phantom, so nice for you to say that.
I once met one of my heroes, Nokie Edwards of the Ventures. I told him that I used to sit in study hall and sketch guitars from the back of his album jackets and that now I was a guitar builder. He asked me what I called them and when I told him he said, "I've got one of your guitars called the Sunburst model." I was just floored.

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