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December 14, 2010


Mark Elias

oh, to be a fly (or a photographer) on the wall during those sessions!

And I thought I had the coolest job!

Great job, Jol!


itchy bruddah

Joel, you are officially a "rich man" now. What a wonderful experience with friends and heroes.

Kevin Madison

Jol, did you get to play with Cropper or Hood while at the studio? I know you were Wilson Picketts guitarist for a while, so you're right up there with those guys.

Philip A. Gonzales

When we gather in the studio to reach for the highest inspiration and quality in music, we will never fail to evoke the purest spirit of what it means to be Human. Jol, you have always had that grace in your heart.


I'm drawn to the legacy you build into your guitars because of the rich life experiences you have had. It shines on everything you do and it shows.

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