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February 23, 2011


Kevin Madison

I'm hooked on coming here every day. Even the days when there isn't a post, I read the old ones over again. I notice that most of the people who comment, do so on your Facebook page, but I guess that just like you, I'm an old-school guy. That's all. I just wanna say that I enjoy the blog.

tony molina


luv the new site. very exciting!!! best of luck with the new directions!!

just was in upstate new york last week. it would have been great to say hello!

to simply put it, there is no workmanship like yours. you are a rare bird. thank god for the few of you still left in the world who can face the challenges, discoveries, and miracles of mind & spirit. a path the soul must never forget, yet it's getting tougher through these times.

you keep up the surprises of craftsmanship. hold on to the harmony around you! music is in your process as well as the result.

peace mon brutha !!!

never stop jol !!!
keep racin' that track!!

-tony molina, LA

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