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March 22, 2011



Stuff like this is why I keep visiting this site. Making a mold from silicone and casting your own knobs - so cool.


Nice work. I can't figure out which I'm more impressed with, you for taking on the task or the finished product. Either way, the whole thing is just awesome.

John Heinz

The clear knob does look good. I've made a few knob molds myself, but I've always cast them in a urethane plastic, which is normally a white or creme color, but can be died to other colors. I rather like making hardware from materials I have around too, though it's usually something more like billet aluminum. On the last strat style guitar I built I used old marshall amp knobs and a stainless steel pickguard a friend laser cut for me. I'll have to try some casting acrylic or epoxy. Very cool.

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