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March 01, 2011


Dan Volpe

Way to go Joel! I think that taking it that far only shows that you care to still give it your personal best!

Kevin Madison

WHOAH! That is just insanely cool. Some people talk sh*t about how high your prices are, but they obviously DON'T GET IT!

Mark Elias

Hey Brother, I am fed ex-ing an emergency batch of Cornhusker's Lotion!

Just kidding! Great update!

Jol Dantzig

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Mark, I guess that Cornhusker's would be a good idea. I usually don't think about my hands unless they hurt—which is more and more often as the years go on. The photos don't lie. You can see that I don't sit in an office pushing paper. I actually make something, which is why I love what I do.


Hi Jol. You are still kicking it big time. Now the world can see who really is the mind and hands behind all your success.


I'm curious why you didn't drill & tap the pieces before turning, particularly the switch tip. Seems like it would be easy to break the thin walls.

Jol Dantzig

@Bud, I guess it can be done either way. Oddly, I wasn't too worried about breaking the horn with the drill. I guess if you cut the piece to length and tap it, you'd need to put it on a threaded shank in order to put it in the chuck for turning. Seems like just one extra piece of kit that I'd need to do the job.

Mark Elias

Jol, looking closer, the parts above are amazing.How strong is buffalo horn? I mean in the case of the strap buttons, is it sufficient to hold a solid body guitar?

I have no idea, just asking!

Jol Dantzig

@Mark, It shouldn't be a problem, the horn is similar to ivory or bone and pretty strong. My estimate for finished weight is under eight pounds, so that's a factor too. The option to quickly substitute metal buttons is made possible by the use of a common stainless screw.

Mark Elias

Regardless they are beautiful parts, but it's cool to see you thinking through into the future!

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