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May 20, 2011



Awesome stuff.


It looks very promissing I have an old National Duolian and the green Duco finish is just amazing. CAn't wait to see the results of your test


Jol, what happened to the holes on the back of the guitar that were going to be for the height adjustment on the Charlie Christian pickup? Did I miss some sort of internal mount? I remember seeing a custom piece you made, but does that eliminate the need for the holes in the back of the guitar?

I can't wait to see this finished guitar.

Jol Dantzig

@Vegasgreg: Good eye! That’s just a slightly older photo—before the holes got drilled. I waited until the pickups and mounting trestle were done before the final holes were done to make certain that everything lined up. I learned the hard way years ago that if you do everything by the drawings and measurements you can get screwed when the wood moves.

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