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August 18, 2011



Hi Jol.
I am a beginning amateur luthier and I have a technical question. Is it necessary to apply a spline over the truss rod? Could it be to glue the fretboard directly? Thank you. Congratulations for your work.

Jol Dantzig

Fabiano, thanks for stopping by.

A two part truss rod could possibly be done this way because it does not rely on a curve or location (depth) to bend the neck. Still, I would prefer to cover it with a strong spline to prevent the fingerboard from cracking or coming off from the pressure. Rods without a spline can force the fingerboard to come loose.

My truss rod is a single rod that is placed below the centerline of the neck. This is how it works. If it were just under the fingerboard, ti would bend in the opposite direction.

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