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May 08, 2012


Carl Costanzo

absolutely beautiful!

Rafael Yamaga

Awesome. Simply put, a work of good taste, fine craftsmanship, dedication and poetry. Thinking about the details, seeing the whole project as a bigger picture yet.
Cheers from Brazil, and keep transforming ideas into tangible dreams, Jol.

Arnie Zuckman

Just beautiful Jol, a really elegant piece of luthiery
Arnie Zuckman

Byron Jobe

Absolutely stunning!

Tom G.

Absolutely perfectly wonderful. Some lucky bastard is going to own that, but not this poor boy.


Very nice work and truly unique. I imagine the pickups ring like a bell.


Nice and cool guitar! I'm a guitarist too and i'm currently using the fender.

Steve Haynie

Jol, the guitar is beautiful. Does this put pressure on you to outdo yourself with the subtle details and overall design on future projects? Are customers requesting more in the guitars you design for them once they see what has been done on guitars like the Sakura and Crow?

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